Sydney Film Festival

For 70 years, Sydney Film Festival (SFF) has earned its reputation as a revered, cultural institution that finds and spotlights critical stories from Australia and around the world.

SFF takes risks, curating films that platform under-represented voices and tackle provocative and important topics. The audience relies on the Festival to deliver films that open eyes to new ideas and diverse perspectives. It pushes back against a trend towards mono-cultural onscreen representation and continues to build support for the Australian film industry.

Dates: June 7 – 18 2023

Location: Sydney

  • State Theatre
  • Event Cinemas George Street
  • Dendy Newtown
  • Randwick Ritz
  • Hayden Orpheum Cremorne
  • Art Gallery of NSW
  • Palace Cinemas – Central, Norton Street, Chauvel The Ritz Cinema Randwick
  • Casula Powerhouse

Estimated Audience: 100,000+


Educated, affluent, culturally curious, sophisticated city lifestyle

68% female

72% over 35 yo/ 42% over 55 yo

83% are university educated

43% work full time/ 19% retired

97% Sydney based

Approx 47% have a household income over 100k/ 27.5% over 150k

Opportunity: Sponsorship and cinema / print program advertising


Full media pack and advertising rate card can be downloaded below. Contact for sponsorship pack.