THE LUME Melbourne

Rights Holder: The LUME Melbourne / Grande Experiences

Located in the heart of Melbourne Australia’s first permanent digital gallery transforms the world’s finest art into fully immersive sensory encounters using HD projected artwork, photography, video, animation, storytelling, musical soundscapes and scent.

3000 square meters, 150 state-of-the-art projectors.

Exhibit: Van Gogh Alive will be the first exhibit at THE LUME for at least 12 months

Step into a vast new world as THE LUME Melbourne opens with its first innovative exhibit – a celebration the legendary artworks of Vincent Van Gogh like audiences have never been seen before. 

10 x bigger than Sydney’s Van Gogh Alive exhibit

Dates: Permanent from August. 364 days a year

Location: Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

Schedule: 90 minute shows, 7 days a week

Estimated Audience: 500,000 – 1,000,000 per year

Audience: Accessible and entertaining THE LUME will attracting the young and old. Skewing 18-34 year old females plus families and all lovers of art

Opportunity: Up to 3 Official Sponsor opportunities for THE LUME Melbourne – the largest digital art gallery in the Southern Hemisphere. To join Presenting Partner Lexus.

Full partnership benefits including onsite activation, branding, VIP tickets/ hospitality, bespoke fully immersive digital video installations for private and public events.


Full partnership pack can be downloaded below